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Prevent cauliflower ear with powerful, silicone-coated, magnetic Earies! Comes with a compact carrying case. Fast, free shipping anywhere in the US.

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Just what you need

A simple, cost-effective product. Works great and the quality is solid. Great customer service as well. Just ordered a pair for the other ear.

Adam Giurlando
Wasn't the company's fault

I finally got both sets of earies months after I ordered them not by any fault of the company but because my apartment building was sending half my mail for the last year to the wrong box. Can't comment on their effectiveness because I have since had my ears handled by an ENT but 5 stars for service and responsiveness.

Adam Giurlando
Never got them

Paid extra for expedited shipping as I was planning on draining my cauli ear before it coagulated too much. Didn't get a shipping confirmation until almost a week later and then never recieved the package.

Hey Adam,

We are so sorry to hear about your order! We'll issue you a full refund today and follow up with you via email about getting another order sent out. Again, apologies for the snafu, and we hope you were able to get your ear taken care of.

Team Earies

Mike Perry
Worked perfectly

Great product! Once you drain your ear, keep this on as much as possible for a week to 10 days. If you do that and train with headgear, you should be good to go!

Scott Lauver
Best Option

Knowing nothing about a potential cauliflower ear, I had to do my research quickly. I thought just draining then icing it would work; however, I was wrong. A wrestler told me I had to compress it to stop if from filling up with blood again. After receiving my Earies, I drained my ear once again and wore the Earies for 5 days straight. At night, I wrapped a headband around my ear to keep them from coming undone while sleeping. These are not too tight and are covered in silicone which helps with the comfort.